First off, thanks so much for coming to this page to find out more about StockMamba. I don't pay for any advertising that would have lead you here. You got here on your own. And I appreciate that.

StockMamba is the home for graphic resources created by me, Brian Smith (aka STOCKMAMBAdotCOM on Shutterstock.com). I have 20+ years of experience working as an illustrator and Art Director in Tulsa, OK. I started creating stock illustrations in 2006 mainly just as a fun, creative outlet and to make a little extra cash. I've been addicted to it ever since. There is really nothing quite like seeing someone has liked your work enough to use it in their products, commercials, tv shows or even movies. Makes me happy. 

Now, legally, anything you plan to distribute as stock art must be 100% your own creation. This includes any resources that may have been used like textures, brushes, any graphic styles, ink splatters, stains, etc. So literally thousands of hours from 2006 to this very day have gone into curating a massive collection of quality resources of which I am legally able to distribute in my own work. StockMamba is now making it possible for you to use these resources in your own artistic creations. Not to redistribute, of course. But for whatever type of art you create, you know the value of having a large collection of high-quality graphic resources in your graphic toolbox. I want StockMamba resources to be in the top drawer of that toolbox, as they are mine. Which is why with every ounce of my being I strive to provide the most usable, valuable, affordable forms of digital media on the planet.

So go ahead - sign up for the free newsletter. Upon signing you'll receive an email with a coupon code for 10% off your first purchase plus a link to a free sample pack. There you'll find a good mix of textures, graphic styles and brushes - yours to keep. If you dig it, come back for more. If not, no hard feelings.